7 Short Stories On Happiness And Contentment

short stories on happiness and contentment

Guys Here's Short Stories On Happiness and Contentment. Man is always in search of happiness and to achieve it, he sets many goals in life. But even after achieving those goals, he is not completely happy. He is always looking for happiness.

Short Stories On Happiness And Contentment

1. Finding Happiness

short stories on happiness

Once a group of 70 people was attending a seminar. Suddenly the speaker stopped and started giving each person a balloon. Each one was asked to write his/her name on it using a marker pen. Then all the balloons were collected and put in another room.

Now these delegates were let in that room and asked to find the balloon which had their name written, within 10 minutes. Everyone was frantically searching for their name, pushing, colliding with each other, and there was utter chaos.

At the end of 10 minutes, no one could find their own balloon. Now each one was asked to randomly collect a balloon and give it to the person whose name was written on it. Within minutes everyone had their own balloon.

The speaker began: This is exactly happening in our lives. Everyone is frantically looking for happiness all around, not knowing where it is. Our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Give them their happiness, you will get your own happiness.

And this is the purpose of human life.

2. The Secret Of Happiness

A wealthy man lived in a city. He was a very big businessman and he was not short of anything but still he was always worried and restless. One day he went to his Hermitage to meet the sage in a village. The man told his problem to the sage that he has no shortage of anything but still he is always worried.

The sage heard his problem and said - come tomorrow, I will tell you how to stay happy and worry free.

The man reached the Hermitage of the sage at the same time the next day. He saw that the sage was looking for something outside his Hermitage.

The person said - Guruvar (sage) what are you looking for? May I help you! The sage said - I am looking for my ring, which is lost.

Hearing this, that person also started searching for his ring with the sage. Even after searching for a long time, the ring was not found, then the person asked the sage - where did your ring fall?

The sage said - My ring fell in the hut of the Hermitage, but it is very dark there, so I am looking for the ring outside the Hermitage.

The person asked with surprise - when your ring fell in the hut, why are you looking out here ??? 

The sage said - this is the solution to your problem..

Happiness is inside you, but you are looking for it in money and foreign goods. The entire sea is inside you, but still you are looking for water outside with a spoon. Money or property is important in life, but happiness cannot be bought only with money.

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3. The Christmas Gift

short stories about happiness

Once upon a time there lived a family in Melbourne. The father had three lovely children and the mother had passed away while giving birth to her youngest child Zylith. The last words of the mother were “When we have each other, we have everything.” 

The next day they set up a funeral for the mother and the father muttered slowly “Gone but never forgotten.” With the passing of time Zylith grew to be a very gracious girl. 

Everyone around her loved her for her kind heart and she was also very clever. The two older sisters were egotistical and greedy. 

They always celebrated Christmas and it was Christmas Eve at last. Everyone was so excited and they all started to prepare for it.

“Hey Verose don’t hang those stupid bubbles, the tree already looks ugly as you” said Emily the oldest sister. She bursted out laughing and Verose yelled “Shut up! And you Zylith what the hell are you watching? You better not forget that mom died because of you and she is not here to celebrate Christmas with us, it’s all because of you! From the moment you were born misfortune have been following you.”

Zylith tried not to shed her tears and ran to her room. Smirked the two of them and she cried while hugging her mother’s picture. After awhile the father came home and told his daughters to hand him the cards and that he’ll post them to Santa on his way to work.

As their father was a merchant, he was mostly out. In the morning there were two presents beautifully wrapped. The two older sisters got what they wished for, a fine silk dress and a jewelry. The two of them asked “Where is your present Zylith?” Giggled the both of them.

It’s right here said Zylith.

The father said “What do you mean?” You guys are my present and what I need the most. When we have each other, we have everything and the greatest gift of all is family and my greatest pleasure is spending time with you all and I’m happy for that said Zylith. We’re sorry for everything.

You are the good fortune in our family and please forgive us for how we treated you said Verose and Emily. I forgive you two, after all we are a family and family is a gift that lasts forever said Zylith. They all cried out of happiness and lived happily ever after.

4. Lexie's Family : Happiness Story

Stories about happiness

Hi i'm lexie..i have young sister her name is jessica. We are lucky of our family. We are part of imperial family who is the most rich family here (phillipines)…whatever we want came true. We have many slaves but of course I respect them properly but I don't know about my sister. 

I heard our maids are crying because of her but their afraid in telling our parents about that and i cant tell it to mom and dad cause if id do it i know perfectly that this is a cause of a big mess. So i decided to keep by myself. One day… My father go home tired and i cant tell the full expression he had that at the time. Mom tell us to go to our room instantly. I heard mom and dad talking looks like they talk sadly they dont even laugh.

So i decided to come out, without knowing my sister follows me. When i reach our sala, mom and dad ask me to sit down. Then they tell to me that we will not longer live here.,instead were going to make a small hat in a squatter.. My sister hurriedly go out and scrambling.

“whatttt are we crazy!how i supposed to live in a squatter dad!?” she grumbled. But i know she cant really stop them. Dad explained everything that our company was and our house is going to make appartment instead cause we haven't gave tax.

A week after my father opened a carwash cause he had small money left.

Month later….

“dad i want a car”
Jessica grumble again.

“my child,, dont you see the lives we are were just a poor family cant afford to buy expensive car”

“but its my birthday next week.!!! Wether you like it or not you'll going to buy me SUV.”
I know dad wants to cry but he only stop it.

On the day jessica’s birthday……

“dad were’s my car?”

“outside sweet heart”

She’s so excited that she even forget to say thank yoh. Then the whole family went outside….

“wwhhhaaatttttt???!?!!!!! Is this my car!?”

She left us and hurriedly went to her room. “Its a good bicycle” i thought… Moments later dad use the bysicle and drove it away… And go back home with a brand new SUV. Jessica go out on her room and hug dady

“youre the best dad”

But wait, why dad can buy an expensive car…..

Later on…. We went outside (jessica and me) my sister decided to wash her car. So we went to father’s car wash.

When we are about to enter,we are shocked, we saw father cleaning my sister’s car…. But why😭? We ask the cashier then said

“your father sell it to mr. Samson and we dont know why.”

At this moment my sister was shy and we got home we tell mom the whole story. Mom was shocked. She tell us how much love parents to their son/daughter…. When dad came home, my sister apologies him.

My father smile…” ohh this is the only way you change your self jessica i know it” then dad hugged her and we live happily ever after.


5. Good Friends

Short Stories happiness Contentment

Once upon a time in a village they lived tow friends ones name Raju other ones name Somu Raju was a good character but somu was a bad character yet both are good friends.

some months passed one day Ramu and Somu went into a forest together. They saw and enjoyed nature hills variety of flowers, many kind of birds and animals. suddenly a bear came at them.

on seeing the bear Somu ran out somewhere but Ramu did not run away why because he has a big wound in his leg .The bear came to bite Ramu on seeing the bear Ramu requested and asked a question to the bear ,You may eat me but you should not eat Somu because He is my best and good friend for him I myself give to you ,take me that this request broken the bear heart ,and the bear sai to Ramu You are a good friend . hereafter I will also be a good friend to all animal which live in the forest

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6. Dreams Come True

short stories on happiness and contentment

Some people say that dreams don’t come true but I bet it does. The last incident that took place in my school on August 21, 2020 confirmed that dreams Do Come True. The previous night, as I was sleeping, I dreamed about a house burning.

Everyone was shocked and we all started to look around for where the smoke was coming from. People were screaming and running helter-skelter trying to quench the fire. Some people called the fire department, but they arrive late.

The next day, I went to school. I was in the class and a teacher was teaching. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed and it became stuffy we started perceiving smoke.

So, my teacher then open the window. Behold! A house behind the school was on fire and the fire was almost coming near the school building.

My teacher then shouted “There is fire, everybody run!” I was so scared that I left my school bag and my lunch box with my sandals in the school. As we were in the other compound, many parents came to pick up their children.

We waited for our parents to come. Then I saw my mother coming towards the entrance of the compound crying. Immediately she saw us, she ran to hug us and she quickly took us home. She didn’t even remember to ask for our school bags and shoes. We ran home.

The teachers in the school were calling the fire department, but it took some time for them to come when they arrive. When they finally arrived, they figured out that no one was at home when the fire started and it must been an electric iron plugged to a socket that caused the fire outbreak. 

I was so afraid that I forgot all my things at school. My legs were shaking but I ran as fast as I could. I couldn’t run very well because my sandals were still at school. when I went home I told my Dad everything that happened, he was so shocked about it but he was happy to see us. 

Few days later, my Dad brought my things back from school and the house was that was on fire was rebuilt. Everything was back to normal. It was the worst day of my life but the Dream came true.

7. The Poor Man And One Boy

Short Stories about Happiness And Contentment

Once opon a time in Mumbai. There live a poor man he was not a family. One day the poor man was go to take rupees from people. There live a boy. His name is a Rahul.

The poor man was go to a rahul. Rahul says OK. I am give you a rupees but you clean my car. The poor man Rahul, s car. Rahul say OK. I am give you a rupees but you clean my shoes. The poor man ok. I am clean your shoes. The poor man was clean his shoes. 

Rahul kicked the poor man and say you take rupees by me go from me go. The poor man was weeping in the park. Suddenly his friend came to poor man and what happen my friend what happen. 

The poor man say all story about his and rahul. Poor mans friend say please you ern money by work please and his friend go from the park. The poor say OK you say so i am earn money by work. The poor man was earn money by sweeping in park, wash clothes of people, press peoples clothes and in night he was learning.


One day Rahul came with his friend in a park and say friends after some days this under on my but sign on a papers suddenly two man came in a park and say sorry bro this park is under of a man. The poor man came in a new dresses and say sorry rahul this park is under on my. I am a poor man but i learning many years and today i am a Big Business man. Suddenly the police came arrest rahul and salute to poor man.

Stories About Happiness And Contentment 

  1. Finding Happiness
  2. Secret Of Happiness
  3. The Christmas Gift 
  4. Lexie's Family 
  5. Good Friends 
  6. Dreams Come True
  7. The Poor Man And One Boy
Friends, there was some Short Stories On Happiness and contentment. We are Hoping that you liked this Short Stories. If you Enjoyed the Stories then please Let us know in Comment Box. 

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