6 Famous Bedtime Stories for Children to read Online

Bedtime Stories for Children

Here we have collected the best Bedtime stories for Children to read online. These Bedtime Stories are very Inspiring and have very good moral. If you are looking for new moral stories and are bored reading old stories, then you are at the right place. Here You will get new stories For Your Children.

Bedtime Stories for Children

1. The little Mermaid

Long long ago , in the Deep Sea kingdom , there lived the sea king with his five mermaid daughters . Sirenetta was the youngest and the loveliest among them . She had a beautiful voice and everybody from far and wide came to hear her sing and praised her voice and her beauty.

One day , while Sirenetta was swimming on the surface of the water and watching ships go by , she saw a young man falling off his ship . She swam swiftly to save him from drowning and dragged him to the shore . Soon , people found the man on the shore and Sirenetta swam away .

This man was actually the prince of a kingdom. When he became conscious, the prince looked around for the girl who had saved him but no one knew who she was. Sirenetta often thought of the young man and fell in love with the prince, but she was sad because she could never be like all the other ladies he knew. They had two feet and she had a fish tail!

In the Deep Sea lived a witch with magical powers. One day, Sirenetta went to beg her for human legs. The witch said, 'I need your beautiful voice! Only then I shall give you legs! But you must remember, every time you set your feet on the ground, it will hurt very badly!" Sirenetta agreed.

She did not mind the pain. All she wanted was to be with the prince. As soon as she got her two feet Sirenetta became dumb. When she was leaving, the witch said, 'If your prince marries anybody else, you shall dissolve in the sea water. You can never become a mermaid again!"

With the witch's magic spell, Sirenetta found herself lying on the beach and the prince looking down at her. He asked, 'Where are you from?' But she could not reply. The prince took her to his palace and looked after her. They became good friends and had a wonderful time together. Every step Sirenetta took hurt, but she bore it all silently.

She loved the prince but the prince was in love with the beautiful maiden who had saved him. The prince did not realise it had been Sirenetta and she couldn't tell him.

Obeying the wishes of his father, the prince went to meet the daughter of a neighbouring king. Enchanted by her beauty the prince was convinced this was the same maiden who rescued him. He asked the princess to marry him. A grand wedding took place.

Sirenetta was heartbroken. That night, crying she ran to the seashore. There she saw four mermaids. Why, they were her sisters! One of them handed her a knife and said, 'Here, Sirenetta! This is a magic knife! We gave our long hair locks to the witch of the Deep Sea and she gave this to us in return. Kill your prince and you shall turn into a mermaid again! Then you can come and live with us!'

Sirenetta took the magic knife and went to the prince's room at night. But she loved him so much that she could Suddenly, from the sky came a pink cloud. It lifted her from the land into the sky. 'Where am IT' asked Sirenetta, for now she could talk. The beautiful fairies not kill him.

She knew that at dawn, she would vanish into the sea, just as the witch of the Deep Sea had told her earlier. She sat on the shore and wept silently. replied, 'We are the air fairies. You are now one of us because you did a good deed for the person you love. Come with us." From then on, the little mermaid, Sirenetta, lived in the sky with the fairies.

2. Ugly Duckling

bedtime stories for children
Bedtime Stories for children

A duck made her nest under some leaves and sat on her eggs to keep them warm. When the eggs broke, little ducks came out until only one egg was left. It was a very large egg. At last it broke, and out came a big, ugly duckling. 

“What a big duckling!“

 said the old duck. 

“He doesn‘t look like us. Could it be a goose? We will see. If he doesn‘t like the water, he is not a duck.“

The next day the mother duck took her ducklings to the pond. 

Splash! Splash! The mother duck was in the water and the little ducklings followed. The big, ugly duckling swam, too. 

The mother duck said, 

“He is not a goose. He is my own little duck. He will not be so ugly when he grows up.“

Then she said to the ducklings, 

“Come with me. I want you to see the other ducks.“

While the mother duck wasn‘t paying attention, an old duck bit the ugly duckling. 

“Let him alone,“

 said the mother duck. 

“He didn‘t hurt you.“

“I know that,“

 said the duck, 

“but he is so ugly.“

 The next duck they met, said, 

“Your ducklings are lovely, but one of them is very very ugly.“

The mother duck said, 

“I know he is not very pretty, but he is a very good duckling.“

 Then she said to the ducklings, 

“Now, my dears, have fun.“

But the poor, big, ugly duckling didn‘t have fun. The hens bit him and the big ducks walked on him.The poor duckling was very sad. He didn‘t want to be ugly but he could not help it. He ran to hide away. 

The summer went by. Then the leaves fell, and it was very cold and the poor duckling had a very hard time. But at last it was spring. The birds sang. The ugly duckling was big now, so one day he flew away. Soon he saw three white swans on the lake, and said 

“ I am going to see those birds, but I am afraid they will bite me because I am so ugly.“

He put his head down to the water and saw a beautiful reflection. He was not an ugly duck. He had become a white swan and the other swans came to see him. Everyone looked at him and said 

“Oh, look at the beautiful swans! The one that came last is the pretties of all.“

 And they gave him bread and cake. It was a very happy time for the ugly duckling.

3. Princess and the Pea

Once upon a time there lived a prince who wanted to marry a princess; but she would have to be a 'real' princess. A few months later, one evening someone knocked at the entrance of the palace. When the door was opened, a girl was standing in front. It was raining heavily at that time and the girl's dress was soaked, her hair was splattered, the shoes were full of water and she looked completely disheveled.

She tells the gatekeeper that she is the princess of the neighboring kingdom and is trapped in the rain. It is not possible to go ahead in such a weather, so the night has come under the shelter of the king of this state.

The gatekeeper took him to the king-queen. Seeing her condition, no one could believe that she was a princess. The queen thought of taking her test, so that it could be known whether she was a princess in real sense or not.

20 soft mattresses were placed in the bed where his sleep was arranged. Then a sheet of silk was laid on it. But the queen put a grain of peas under those mattresses. The princess was asked to sleep on that bed.

The next day the queen was eagerly waiting for the princess to come out of the bedroom. When the princess came out of her bedroom and went to the queen, the queen asked, "Did you sleep well at night?" There was something that was piercing me. "

Hearing this, the queen is convinced that she is truly a princess. Such sensibility can be felt by a princess, who can feel the grain of a pea kept under twenty mattresses. The queen was looking for such a princess for the prince.

The king and queen themselves went to leave the princess in her kingdom. In front of the king there, he proposed the marriage of the princess with his son, which was accepted by the king. A few days later the prince and princess got married and both started living happily ever after.

4. The Dreaming Priest

Long time ago there lived a priest who was extremely lazy and poor at the same time. He did not want to do any hard work but used to dream of being rich one day. He got his food by begging for alms.

One morning he got a pot of milk as part of the alms. He was extremely delighted and went home with the pot of milk. He boiled the milk, drank some of it and put the remaining milk in a pot.

He added slight curds in the pot for converting the milk to curd. He then lay down to sleep.Soon he started imagining about the pot of curd while he lay asleep.

He dreamed that if he could become rich somehow all his miseries would be gone. His thoughts turned to the pot of milk he had set to form curd.

He dreamed on; “By morning the pot of milk would set, it would be converted to curd.I would churn the curd and make butter from it. I would heat the butter and make ghee out of it. I will then go to that market and sell that ghee, and make some money. With that money i will buy a hen. The hen will lay may eggs which will hatch and there will be many chicken.

These chicken will in turn lay hundreds of eggs and I will soon have a poultry farm of my own.” He kept on imagining.“I will sell all the hens of my poultry and buy some cows, and open a milk dairy. All the town people will buy milk from me. I will be very rich and soon I shall buy jewels.

The king will buy all the jewels from me. I will be so rich that I will be able to marry an exceptionally beautiful girl from a rich family. Soon I will have a handsome son.

If he does any mischief I will be very angry and to teach him a lesson, I will hit him with a big stick.”During this dream, he involuntarily picked up the stick next to his bed and thinking that he was beating his son, raised the stick and hit the pot. The pot of milk broke and he awoke from his day dream.

5. Greatest wealth

A rich man lived in a big city. He had a lot of money and had also recently bought a big house in the city. He was very rich in money but very poor in terms of body and health.

He worked very hard day and night to earn money, but he had no time for his body at all. Even after being very rich and earning money, he was surrounded by many new diseases. A rich man lived in a big city. He had a lot of money and had also recently bought a big house in the city. He was very rich in money but very poor in terms of body and health.

He worked very hard day and night to earn money, but he had no time for his body at all. Even after being very rich and earning money, he was surrounded by many new diseases.

The man was not selfish, but only that the man did not have time to spend money. He started getting used to earning money. He did not find time to go to the doctor. His body was slowly becoming weaker due to not paying attention.

One day he came home very tired. Today she was having a very bad headache, so she went straight to her bed. Being exhausted when his servant brought food, he refused to eat and went to sleep hungry.

At midnight, his headache increased even more. He could not get some society to know what is happening. Suddenly a strange figure came in front of her and she hardened and she said, "I am your soul and today I am leaving your body forever."

The man then panicked and said, "Why are you leaving my body? I have a lot of money and I have worked hard for it all my life. I live in such a big house, that many people only care about that house I can think. " Their dreams. "The soul said," Listen to me, this big house is your house, not mine.

My home is your body, which is getting thinner day by day, and has also come in the grip of many diseases. "" I imagine living in a broken hut for many years. In the same way, you put your body, that is, my house, and I cannot live in it. "The soul left the man's body, saying this.


Our health is our greatest wealth, when we lose it, then we realize it.

6. Half The Reward

bedtime stories for children

Once Akbar went hunting in the jungle, he lost his way. Mahesh Das, who lives in the outskirts, helped the king reach the palace. The emperor rewarded him by giving him his ring.

The emperor also promised to give him a responsible position in his court. After a few days Mahesh Das went to court. The guard did not let him enter.

Mahesh Das showed the guard the ring that the king had given him. Now the guard felt that the young man was sure to get more rewards by the king. The greedy guard agreed to allow him inside the court on one condition. It was that Mahesh Das would have to pay half the reward he received from the emperor. Mahesh Das accepted the condition.

He then entered the court and showed the ring to the king. The king, recognizing Mahesh, asked him, "Oh young man! What do you expect from the king of Hindustan as a reward?" "Your Excellency! I expect 50 lashes from you as a reward." Mahesh Das replied. The courtiers were taken aback. He thought he was crazy. Akbar considered her request and asked her the reason.

Mahesh Das said that he would give him a reason after receiving the award. Then the king's people whipped him as he wished. After the 25th lash, Mahesh Das requested the king to call the guard at the gate.

The guard appeared before the king. He was happy to think that he was called to be rewarded. But to his surprise, Mahesh Das said to the king, "Jahanpana! This greedy guard lets me in, on the condition that I pay him half the reward you have received. I wanted to teach him a lesson. Please Give it to the remaining 25 eyelids. Guard so that I can keep my promise to him. "

The king then ordered that the guards be given 25 imprisonment with imprisonment of 5 years. King Mahesh was very happy with Das. He called him RAJA BIRBAL and made him his chief minister.

List Of Bedtime Stories for Children

  1. The little mermaid
  2. Ugly Duckling
  3. Princess and the Pea
  4. The Dreaming Priest
  5. Greatest wealth
  6. Half The Reward

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