10 Lines Short Stories with Moral for Kids

10 lines short stories with moral

10 lines short stories with moral for kids are great to teach kids in a fun way to understand the valuable lessons of life. Short stories work well because they are long enough to capture your child's attention.

here is a great selection of 10 lines short stories, and here are 13 examples to get you started. The moral lessons of these stories help in developing their character and moral direction.

10 Lines Short Stories with Moral

1. The Thirsty crow

10 lines short stories with moral

It was a hot summer’s day. A thirsty crow flew into a village in search of water. The crow flew over the houses, fields, and trees. But he didn’t find any water. After a long time, he came across a farm. Under one of the trees on the farm was a pitcher of water.

Happy that he found some water finally, he swooped down to the tree and then down to the ground. He quickly moved towards the pitcher and looked inside. There was very little water in the pot. The crow put his beak inside the pitcher but could not reach the water. The water level was too low, and the narrow opening prevented his neck from going all the way down.

He tried to push the vessel down to let the water out, but it was too heavy. The crow was disappointed. He was really thirsty and needed a drink of water badly. He could have given up and flown to another farm, looking for water.

But he didn’t. Instead, he looked around and thought, “What else can I do?” He saw that there were a lot of pebbles on the farm. And, he had an idea! He collected a pebble and put it into the pitcher. 
He collected another pebble and another and put them all in the pitcher. As he added more and more stones, the water level came up to the brim.The crow drank the water and flew back home happily

Where there is a will, there is a way!


2. The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

10 lines stories moral

Once a wolf was roaming around in a forest in search of a prey. He came near a village that was located at the edge of the forest. There he saw a flock of sheep grazing in a pasture.

While he was planning to kill a sheep, he found a sheep-skin lying by the foot-path. Seeing the sheep-skin, a wicked idea clicked him.

He thought of wearing it and slipping into the flock because then, it would be easy to get a prey.
When the wolf got into the flock, the shepherd drove it to the village. Reaching there he enclosed it in the pen and shut the door immediately.

Just then his wife came there and said, “Today I have nothing to cook for dinner. So, kill one sheep for me. “

The shepherd went into the pen and looked for a meaty sheep. Mistaking the disguised wolf for a sheep, he killed him with an axe.

The wickedness is its own punishment. The wolf wanted a sheep as his prey but himself became the food of the shepherd.


3. The Turtle And The Rabbit

10 lines short stories with moral

One day a rabbit was boasting about how fast he could run. He was laughing at the turtle for being so slow. Much to the rabbit’s surprise, the turtle challenged him to a race. The rabbit thought this was a good joke and accepted the challenge. The fox was to be the umpire of the race. As the race began, the rabbit raced way ahead of the turtle, just like everyone thought.

The rabbit got to the halfway point and could not see the turtle anywhere. He was hot and tired and decided to stop and take a short nap. Even if the turtle passed him, he would be able to race to the finish line ahead of him. All this time the turtle kept walking step by step by step. He never quit no matter how hot or tired he got. He just kept going.

However, the rabbit slept longer than he had thought and woke up. He could not see the turtle anywhere! He went at full speed to the finish line but found the turtle there waiting for him.

Never underestimate the weakest opponent.


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4. AN Honest Woodcutter

A poor woodcutter accidentally dropped his axe into the river. He was very upset, as he had no money to buy another axe.

Just then a fairy appeared in the river holding out a golden axe to him. "I found this axe in the river. Is this yours?" "That's not mine", replied the woodcutter.

The fairy then brought out a silver axe. The woodcutter disowned this one too. Finally, the fairy held out a wooden axe.

Smiling with happiness, the woodcutter said, "That's mine. Thank you very much." The fairy felt very happy seeing his honesty and said, "Such honesty deserves a reward." She gave the poor man all the three axes and disappeared.

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5. The Horse Rider 

Once, a man went to a library. There he read a book, 'How to ride a horse'. After few days, he went to a friend who had a horse.. seeing it, he couldn't control himself and asked for a ride from his friend. The friend agreed.

The man tried to ride the horse. But a horse always recognises its rider. It reared up and flung the man to the ground.

The friend asked, “Where did you learn to ride?“ the man exposed his foolishness saying that he learnt it from a library book.

One must remember that one can’t learn anything by oneself. You need a teacher if you want to learn.

6. The Shepherd and Lion 

A Shepherd, counting his Sheep one day, discovered that a number of them were missing. 

Much irritated, he very loudly and boastfully declared that he would catch the thief and punish him as he deserved. The Shepherd suspected a Wolf of the deed and so set out toward a rocky region among the hills, where there were caves infested by Wolves. But before starting out he made a vow to Jupiter that if he would help him find the thief he would offer a fat Calf as a sacrifice. 

he Shepherd searched a long time without finding any Wolves, but just as he was passing near a large cave on the mountainside, a huge Lion stalked out, carrying a Sheep. In great terror the Shepherd fell on his knees. 

“Alas, O Jupiter, man does not know what he asks! To find the thief I offered to sacrifice a fat Calf. Now I promise you a full-grown Bull, if you but make the thief go away!“

We are often not so eager for what we seek, after we have found it.


7. Fox & Crow

A Fox once saw a Crow fly off with a piece of cheese in its beak and settle on a branch of a tree. 

“That's for me, as I am a Fox,“

 said Master Fox, and he walked up to the foot of the tree. 

“Good day, Mistress Crow,“

 He cried. 

“How well you are looking today: how glossy your feathers; how bright your eye. I feel sure your voice must surpass that of other birds, just as your figure does; let me hear but one song from you that I may greet you as the Queen of Birds.“

The Crow lifted up her head and began to caw her best, but the moment she opened her mouth the piece of cheese fell to the ground, only to be snapped up by Master Fox.    

“That will do,“

Said he. 

“That was all I wanted. In exchange for your cheese I will give you a piece of advice for the future: “

Do not trust flatterers.

8. Donkey And Its Driver

A Donkey was being driven along a road leading down the mountain side, when he suddenly took it into his silly head to choose his own path. He could see his stall at the foot of the mountain, and to him the quickest way down seemed to be over the edge of the nearest cliff. Just as he was about to leap over, his master caught him by the tail and tried to pull him back, but the stubborn Donkey would not yield and pulled with all his might. 

“Very well,“

 said his master, 

“go your way, you willful beast, and see where it leads you.“

With that he let go, and the foolish Donkey tumbled head over heels down the mountain side. 

They who will not listen to reason but stubbornly go their own way against the friendly advice of those who are wiser than they, are on the road to misfortune.

9. The Farmer 

Once, in a village, there lived a farmer who was very kind hearted by nature He could not see anybody in trouble and was always ready to help others.

It was a high winter morning and it was so cold that everything looked frozen. While returning home from his farm, the farmer saw a snake lying by the foot-path. It was almost frozen and looked half-dead due to severe cold.

The farmer could not see it in such a condition and decided to help it. He lifted the snake and took it to his home. There, he placed it near the fire. In a short time, the warmth of the fire revived it and it started moving, turned upon the farmer and bit him. The farmer died repenting, "Had I not shown mercy to this wicked creature, I would have been alive today. "

10. Two Travelers

It was high summer. The sun was extremely hot. Two travelers were going along a dusty road that had no trees along its sides. Looking for some shelter from the hot sun, they saw a tree with big leaves and branches spread like an umbrella.

They placed their belongings on the ground and sat in the cool thick shade of the tree. After taking some rest, one traveler said to the other, “What a useless tree it is! It bears no fruits at all. “

Hearing this, the tree felt pinched and burst out, “You ungrateful soul! On one hand, you are taking shelter in my cool shade from the burning heat of the sun and on the other hand, you are calling me useless. Get up and leave the place immediately to be scorched again. “


Never Be Ungrateful


11. The Stranger in the Garden

10 lines short stories with moral

Once upon a time, there was a man who had a big garden. He had planted many fruit trees and cared for them till they bore fruits. Now he wanted to harvest the fruits and sell them to make money for his family.

One fine day, while picking the fruits with his son, the man saw a stranger sitting on the branch of a tree and picking fruits. The man became angry and shouted, "Hey you! What are you doing on my tree? Aren't you ashamed of stealing?"

The stranger sitting on the branch looked at the gardener, but didn't reply, and continued picking the fruits. The gardener was very angry and shouted again, "For a whole year I have taken care of these trees. You have no right to take the fruits without my permission. So come down at once!"

The stranger on the tree answered, "Why should I come down? This is the garden of God and I am the servant of God, so I have the right to pick these fruits. You should not interfere with the work of God and his servant."

The gardener was very surprised at this answer and thought of a plan. He told the stranger to come down from the tree. As the stranger climbed down the tree, the gardener tied him to the tree and began beating him with a stick. The stranger began to scream, "Why are you beating me? You have no right to do this."

The gardener paid no attention and continued beating him. The stranger screamed, "Don't you fear God? You are beating an innocent man. The gardener answered, "Why should I fear? This wood in my hand belongs to God and I am the servant of God. You shouldn't interfere with the work of God and his servant."

The stranger hesitated and then spoke, "Wait. Don't beat me, I am sorry for taking the fruits. This is your garden and I should seek your permission before taking the fruits. So, please forgive me and set me free." The gardener smiled and said, "Don't use God's name to justify your ill-conceived actions."

Then the gardener untied him and let him go free.

12. The Fox and The Goat

It was a hot summer day. A fox and a goat were very thirsty. Looking around for a place to quench their thirst, they came across a well that had very little water in it. They both were so thirsty that they got down into it and quenched their thirst. Having had their fill, the goat wondered how they would get out of the well.

The fox said, "Don't worry. You leave that to me. All you have to do is stand firm, while I'll climb up with your help. Once I get out, I'll pull you up." The goat unaware of the fox's shrewdness, agreed and soon the fox was out. Once out, it went its way, leaving the poor goat behind.

13. The Wolf & Shadow

10 lines short stories moral

A Wolf left his lair one evening in fine spirits and an excellent appetite. As he ran, the setting sun cast his shadow far out on the ground, and it looked as if the wolf were a hundred times bigger than he really was.


 exclaimed the Wolf proudly, 

“see how big I am! Fancy me running away from a puny Lion! I'll show him who is fit to be king, he or I.“

Just then an immense shadow blotted him out entirely, and the next instant a Lion struck him down with a single blow. 


Do not let your fancy make you forget Realities

10 lines Stories With Moral

  1. The Thirsty crow
  2. The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  3. The Turtle And The Rabbit
  5. The Horse Rider
  6. The Shepherd and Lion
  7. Fox And Crow
  8. Donkey And Its Driver
  9. The Farmer
  10. Two Travelers
  11. The Stranger in the Garden
  12. The Fox and The Goat
  13. The Wolf and his shadow

These 10 lines stories are very valuable and teach life Lessons to Children and help your kids (nursery to Class 1-5) understand people and the world. Do you have any other favorite Short Stories with Moral ? Leave a comment below.

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