11 Intresting Akbar Birbal Stories In English

akbar birbal stories in english

In order to introduce you to some of the best akbar birbal stories in english, today I have presented this article for you. The events in the life of Akbar Birbal, his funny conversations and the sour-sweet tussle between them have been narrated over the years in the form of tales and stories and these stories have been developed from generation to generation.

Akbar Birbal Stories In English

1. The King's Dream

akbar birbal stories english

While sleeping one night, Emperor Akbar had a strange dream that all his teeth had fallen except for one.

Then the next day, he sent eminent astrologers from all over the country and told them about his dream and wanted to know its meaning.

Everyone discussed among themselves and unanimously said to the emperor, "Jahanpanah(king), it means that all your relatives and relatives will die before you."

Hearing this, Akbar became very angry and asked all the astrologers to leave the court. After he left, the emperor asked Birbal to explain the meaning of his dream.

Birbal was engrossed in thinking for some time, then said, "Huzoor (king), your dream means very good. This means that among your relatives and relatives, you will live the longest. ”

The king was very pleased to hear Birbal.

Birbal also said what the astrologers said, but there was a difference in saying. The emperor sent Birbal away by giving him the prize.

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2. Birbal's Khichdi

akbar birbal stories in english

Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar announced that if a person would stay up all night in the winter season by staying submerged in the cold waters of the Narmada River, he would be rewarded with a huge gift.

A poor washerman dared to overcome his poverty and spent the whole night kneeling in the water in the river and came to take his prize from Jahanpanah (King).

Emperor Akbar asked him, "How did you spend the night in the river standing and standing all night without sleeping?" What proof do you have? "

The washerman replied, "Jahanpanah, I kept looking at the lamp burning in the palace room at the river's end all night, and thus spent the whole night in the cool water of the river."

The king was angry and said, "So this means that you take the warmth of the palace and stand in the water all night and want a reward." The soldiers close it in jail ”

Birbal was also in the court. He felt bad to see that the king was undeserving of the poor. Birbal did not attend the court on the second day, while the court had an urgent meeting on that day. The emperor sent a Khadim to summon Birbal. Khadim returned and replied, Birbal is cooking the khichdi and he will eat it as soon as the khichdi is cooked.

When Birbal did not come even after a long time, the king saw some doubt in Birbal's trick. He himself came to investigate. The king saw that by hanging a pitcher on a pole for a very long time, it was hung very high and a little fire was burning below. Birbal is comfortably lying on the cot nearby.

The king sarcastically asked, "What is this spectacle?" Does such a khichdi cook? "

Birbal said, "Sorry, Jahanpahan will definitely cook." Will be cooked as if the washerman got the warmth of the palace lamp "

The king understood the matter. He hugs Birbal and orders him to release the washerman and reward him.

3. Biggest Weapon

akbar birbal stories in english

Sometimes there were such things between Akbar and Birbal whose life was in danger in examining them. Once Akbar asked Birbal - "Birbal, what is the biggest weapon in the world?" “King! Self-confidence is the biggest weapon in the world. " Birbal replied.

Akbar listened to Birbal and kept it in his heart and decided to examine it at some point. One day an elephant went mad by chance. In such a situation, elephants were held in chains.

Akbar sent Birbal to test Birbal's confidence and ordered the elephant's owner to open the chain of the elephant as soon as he saw Birbal coming.

Birbal was not aware of this. When he was going to meet Emperor Akbar at his court, the mad elephant was released. Birbal was going in his own fun that his eyes fell on the mad elephant, which was coming towards him in a tizzy.

Birbal was the answer to the spot, highly intelligent, clever and confident. They understood that Emperor Akbar had rescued the mad elephant for the test of confidence and intelligence.

The running elephant picked up the trunk and was speeding towards Birbal. Birbal was standing at such a place that he could not escape even by running here and there. Exactly at the same moment, Birbal saw a dog. The elephant had come quite close.

So close that he would wrap Birbal in his trunk. Then Birbal quickly caught the last two legs of the dog and threw it at the elephant by turning it with full force. When the dog screamed in a terrible panic, the elephant also got scared and ran backward after hearing the terrible screams of the elephant.

Akbar got the news of Birbal and he had to believe that what Birbal had said was true. 

self-confidence is the biggest weapon.

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4. Camel's Neck

Akbar was highly impressed with Birbal's wittiness. One day, happy in the court, he announced some prizes to Birbal. But Birbal did not receive the award even after many days of passing. Birbal was very confused how to remind akbar?

One day Maharaja (King) Akbar set out on an evening walk along the banks of the river Yamuna. Birbal was with them. Akbar saw a camel roaming there. Akbar asked Birbal, "Tell Birbal, why does a camel's neck turn"?

Birbal thought this was the right time to remind Maharaj of his promise. He replied - "Maharaja has forgotten this camel by promising someone, due to which the camel's neck is bent. Maharaj says that whoever forgets his promise, God gives his neck like a camel. It is a Kind of punishment. "

Then Akbar realizes that he too has forgotten his promise made to Birbal. He asked Birbal to hurry to the palace. And as soon as he reached the palace, he first handed over the prize money to Birbal, and said that my neck will not bend like a camel. And after saying this, Akbar could not stop laughing.

 And thus Birbal, by his cleverness, received his prize from the king without asking for it.

5. Whose Officer

Once, Wazir Abul Fazl said to Birbal in front of the emperor Akbar, "Birbal, you have been appointed by the Akbar emperor as an officer of pigs and dogs."

To this Birbal said, "Very well, then you also have to be under my command."

On hearing this Akbar emperor laughed and Wazir Abul Fazal felt ashamed and dried his head.

6. Whose Servant

akbar birbal story in english

Whenever Akbar and Birbal were alone in the court, there was a debate on something or the other. One day Emperor Akbar was praising the brinjal vegetable.

Birbal was also shaking the king's yes. Not only this, he used to say two to four sentences from his side in praise of brinjal.

Suddenly, Emperor Akbar's heart came to see how far Birbal plays his point. Thinking of this, the king started committing the evil of brinjal in front of Birbal. Birbal also started saying yes to them that eating brinjal leads to physical ailments etc.

Hearing Birbal's talk, Emperor Akbar was surprised and said - "Birbal! This thing of yours cannot be believed. Sometimes you praise brinjal and sometimes you do evil. When we praised it, you also praised it, and when we praised it, you did. Also its evil, why after all? "

Birbal said in a soft tone - "King! I am your servant, not a brinjal servant. 

7. Farmer's Well

A farmer living in Akbar's state bought a well from a man. He wanted to irrigate his field with well water.

The farmer paid the full price of the well. But when the next day he reached the well and started pouring buckets with a rope to get water, the man selling the well stopped him.

He told the farmer, "I have sold my well, not its water." Therefore, you cannot remove its water. Let's run away from here. "

The farmer took his face and left from there. He was feeling cheated. Eventually, he reached Akbar's court in need of justice.

Akbar heard the plea of ​​the farmer and handed over the responsibility of resolving his case to Birbal.

After fully understanding the matter, Birbal reached the well, which was negotiated. The farmer also called the man from whom he had bought the well.

Birbal asked the man, "Brother, why are you not allowing this farmer to drain the water of the well? You have fully recovered the price. "

The man selling the well reiterated the same thing, "I have sold a well, not its water." I still have authority over water. Then how do I allow it to drain the water? "

Birbal understood the trick of the deceitful man. He understood that there was no going to get ghee with a straight finger. So, throwing his dice, he said, "You are right, brother. Let's assume that the water in the well is owned by you. But do you believe that now the owner of the well is a farmer? "

 "Yes, I agree." The man agreed.

"Okay! Then do it so that immediately take out all the water from the farmer's well and take it somewhere else, or you give the rent to keep the water in the well. You cannot keep your water in the farmer's well without paying the rent. " Birbal said.

The fraudulent man selling the well was stunned. The water had reverted to its full trick of fooling the farmer. He apologized to Birbal and handed over full ownership of the well to the farmer. At last, Ser has got a quarter to a half.


Never cheat others. Such cleverness is of no use, in which others are bad. Such shrewdness is ultimately lost to the earth.

8. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

One day Emperor Akbar announced that whoever gives the right answer to my questions will be given a heavy prize. The questions were as follows:

 1. What is it that is still today and will be tomorrow?

 2. What is there that is not even today and will not be done tomorrow?

 3. What is it that is today but will not be tomorrow?

 Examples of these three questions were also to be given.

Nobody was able to understand the answers to these three clever questions. Then Birbal said, "Hujur! (king)  I can answer your questions, but for this you will have to visit the city with me. Only then your questions will be solved correctly. "

Akbar and Birbal disguised themselves and set out wearing a garb of Sufis. Shortly afterwards they were standing in the market. The two then barged into a shop. Birbal said to the shopkeeper, "We have to build a madrasa for the education of children, you give us a thousand rupees for it." When the shopkeeper asked his accountant to give them one thousand rupees, Birbal said, when I ask you If I am taking money, I will hit a shoe on your head. One shoe will be left behind every rupee. Say, ready? "

Hearing this, the mercury of the shopkeeper's servant went up and he proceeded to beat Birbal two or two hands. But the shopkeeper pacified the servant and said, "I am ready, but I have a condition." I have to assure that my money will be spent on this noble cause. "

Saying this, the shopkeeper bowed his head and asked Birbal to start hitting the shoe. Then Birbal and Akbar came out of the shop without saying anything.

Both were going silently when Birbal broke the silence, What happened in the shop means that the shopkeeper has the money today and also the intention of putting that money in good works, which will give him the name in the future (future). It also means that with his noble deeds, he will establish his place in paradise. You can also say that whatever he has today, tomorrow will also happen to him. This is the answer to your first question. "

Then they came to a beggar while walking. They saw that a man is giving him something to eat and that food is more than that beggar needs. Then Birbal said to the beggar, "We are hungry, give us something to eat."

Hearing this, the beggar rained on, "Run from here." Know where you come from. "

Then Birbal said to the emperor, "Here is my answer to your second question. This beggar does not know how to please God. This means that whatever it has today, it will not happen tomorrow. "

Both then moved forward. He saw an ascetic doing penance under a tree. Birbal went near and put some money in front of him. Then the ascetic said, "Remove it from here." To me this is dishonestly found money. I don't want this kind of money. "

Now Birbal said, "Huzoor! This means that it is not yet but it may happen later. Today this ascetic is denying all happiness. But tomorrow, all these pleasures will be with it. "

"And hujur!" The fourth example is you yourself. In the previous life, you did auspicious deeds, which you are spending this life with glory, there is no shortage of anything. If you continue to rule with honesty and fairness in the same way, then there is no reason why you may not have it all tomorrow. But don't forget that if you go astray, nothing will stay together. "

Emperor Akbar was overjoyed to hear intelligent clever answers to his questions.

9. Poet and Wealthy Man

One day a poet went to meet a rich man and recited many beautiful poems to him with the hope that perhaps he would be happy and give some reward. But the rich man was also a great monk, saying, "The heart is happy to hear your poems. You come again tomorrow, I will make you happy. "

"Tomorrow I will get a good prize." Imagining this, the poet reached home and went to sleep. The next day he again went to that rich man's mansion. Rich man said, "Listen, poet, just as you made me happy by reciting your poems, in the same way I am happy to call you. You did not give me anything yesterday, so I am not giving anything, the account is equal. "

The poet became very disappointed. He told himself to a friend who passed away and that friend told Birbal. Hearing Birbal said, "Now do as I say." You befriend that rich person and call him to your house for dinner. Yes, do not forget to invite your poet friend. I'll be there anyway. "

After a few days, according to the plan of Birbal, the program of banquet was fixed in the afternoon at the poet's friend's house. He also got rich at the appointed time. At that time Birbal, Kavi and some other friends were engaged in conversation. Time was passing by but there was no sign of food and drink. They were busy in conversation like before. The rich man's restlessness was increasing, when he could not keep up, he said, "When is the time for lunch?" Have we not come here to eat? "

 "Food, how to eat?" Birbal asked

The rich now got angry, "What do you mean? Haven't you invited me to eat here? "

There was no invitation to eat. It was said to come to the food to make you happy. " Birbal gave the answer. The rich man got too angry, said in an angry tone, "What is all this? Is it okay to insult a person with respect like this? You have cheated on me. "

Now Birbal said with a laugh, "If I say that there is nothing wrong in this…." You had betrayed this poet by saying this and not coming tomorrow, so I did the same thing. People like you should be treated like this. "

The rich man now realized his mistake and gave good reward to the poet and left from there.

Everyone present there began to see Birbal with admiration.

10. The crooked question

One day Akbar and Birbal went to wonder forest. Pointing towards a crooked tree, Akbar asked Birbal, "Why is this stern crooked?" Birbal replied, "They are crooked because they are the eyes of all the jungles of the forest."

The king asked how could you say that? Birbal said that in the world, it is popular that the dog's tail and his brother-in-law are always crooked. Akbar asked, is my brother-in-law too crooked? Birbal immediately said of course where the wall is! Akbar said, "Then hang my crooked brother-in-law!"

One day Birbal got three pieces of hanging "one of gold, one of silver and one of iron." Seeing them, Akbar asked- Three planks for what? Birbal said, " janab (King), gold for you, silver for me and iron board for the government brother-in-law." 

Akbar asked astonishingly why me and you were hanged? Birbal said, "Why not where the wall is, after all, we too are someone's brother-in-law." Emperor Akbar Hans Pade came to life with the government brother-in-law. He was exonerated.

11. The foolish Thief

akbar birbal stories in english

Once a businessman was away from the state for a few days for some work. When he finishes his work and reaches home, he sees that his entire vault is empty. All his hard earned money has been stolen. The businessman panicked and called all the servants in his house. There were a total of 5 servants in the merchant's house. At the voice of the merchant, all the servants stood in front of him.

The businessman asked him, "How have you guys had such a big theft in the house? When the thief came and cleaned my entire chest, where were all of them at that time? " A servant replied, "We do not know when the theft took place." we were sleeping." On hearing this, the businessman got furious and said, "I think only one of you five has stolen." Only Emperor Akbar will calculate you. Saying this, he walked towards the palace.

Emperor Akbar was sitting in his court listening to the public's problem that only then the businessman reached there. The merchant said, "Justice Hujur, justice, remove my problem." The king asked, "What happened?" Who are you and what is your problem? " The merchant said, "I am a businessman living in your kingdom, Maharaj. Went out of the state for a few days from an urgent work. When I came back, all my vault was looted. I'm devastated, Huzoor. Help me. "

Hearing this, the emperor asked the businessman some questions, such as how much goods were stolen, does he suspect anyone etc. After answering the questions, Akbar handed over the businessman's case to Birbal and said that Birbal would help him in catching the real thief.

The next day Birbal reached the merchant's house. He called all the servants and asked them where they were all on the night of the robbery. Everyone said that they live in the merchant's house and that night they were sleeping in the merchant's house itself.

Birbal obeyed him and said, "All of you don't have to worry. I have these five magical woods in my hand. I will give each one of you wood. Whosoever will be a thief, his wood will be two inches long tonight and the thief will be caught. We will all meet here tomorrow. " Saying this, Birbal grabbed each wood in his hand and went away.

The day set. The next day Birbal again arrived at the merchant's house and called all the servants with their own wood. When Birbal saw the wood of everyone, he saw that the wood of a servant is two inches smaller.

Then what was there. Birbal immediately ordered the soldiers to capture that servant. The businessman could not understand the whole incident and looked at Birbal with confusion. Birbal explained to the merchant that no wood was magical, but the thief feared that his wood would grow two inches larger, fearing that he cut his wood two inches and was caught. The businessman was very impressed by Birbal's cleverness and thanked him.


No matter how cleverly the wrong thing is done, but it comes in the eyes of everyone and its result is always bad.

Akbar Birbal Stories In English

  1. Poet and Wealthy Man
  2. The King's Dream
  3. Biggest Weapon
  4. Camel's Neck
  5. Whose Officer
  6. Whose Servant Who
  7. Farmer's Well
  8. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  9. Birbal's khichdi
  10. The crooked question
  11. The foolish thief

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