7 Moral Stories For Children With Pictures

Moral Stories For Children With Pictures

Today we have brought moral stories for children with pictures which will not only give you moral education, but will also teach you the important and basics of life.

All these moral stories have been collected very carefully in which you will get to read all the important things by which we can establish a good Personality.

Moral Stories For Children With Pictures

1. The Foolish Deer

Moral Stories For Children With Pictures

One day, when a deer was grazing in a jungle, some hunters arrived there and shot an arrow at him. The poor animal got scared and hid behind a bush.

The hunters started searching for him. The deer couldn‘t control his patience and started nibbling the leaves of the bushes. The hunters heard the rustling sound of the leaves.

One of them saw the deer behind the tree and shot an arrow at him and the deer fell down dead.

So, it‘s always said that at the time of danger, one should keep patience and behave intelligently.

2. Fox And Grapes

Moral Stories For Children With Pictures

One hot summer‘s day a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch.

 “ Just the things to quench my thirst,“

He thought. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed the bunch. Turning round again with a One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater success.Again and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last, he had to give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: “

 I am sure they are sour“.


It is easy to despise what you can not get.


3. The Horse and The Donkey

Once, a trader had a donkey and a horse. Everyday, he would load the donkey heavily and go to the city to sell things.

One hot day, the donkey started feeling dizzy. He asked the horse to take some of his load but the horse refused saying that it was not his duty to carry loads.

Soon the donkey fell down and died due to extreme heat. The trader put all the load on the horse‘s back and continued his journey.

So, it‘s true that one who does not help his friend in need has to himself face problems in the long run.

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4. The Elephant Rope

Once a man was being called. At one point on the way, he saw an elephant.

He notices one thing, that the elephant was tied a small weak thin rope. He was surprised to see how such a large animal could remain tied with a weak rope. Because there was neither a chain, nor a cage. And if the elephant wants to, he can get rid of this bondage in one stroke, but he is not doing so. What is the reason for this?

He saw the master of an elephant there. He asked the master - Why does the hand stand tied to this weak rope and does not attempt to run at all, while he can do so in one stroke.

The elephant's master replied - When this elephant was very small, I tied it with the help of this rope. Then this rope was so strong that it used to hold on firmly. And it did not run away by breaking the rope. It took a lot of effort to break the rope, but every attempt was a failure.

Having lost it, it was considered impossible to break the rope and also stopped pushing the rope. Gradually it grew. It still feels that it is not easy for me to get rid of this rope. It did not attempt to break the rope. Today it is an adult strong elephant but has given up on the rope.

The man was surprised to hear this. This animal can break its rope and break free from its bond at any time. But he has admitted that he cannot do it. Therefore, he is in bondage with the same weak rope, which he has bonded since childhood.

Just like this elephant, there are so many of us who believe that they cannot do this work in life because the last time we tried, we had failed. They tie themselves in a limited thinking, and they say that they are not my brothers, and they also stop trying. So that they do not get ahead after the path of progress. Break the limited thinking of your mind in one stroke and then see how success kisses your steps.

5. Ugly Duckling

Short Moral Stories for Children With Pictures

A duck made her nest under some leaves and sat on her eggs to keep them warm. When the eggs broke, little ducks came out until only one egg was left. It was a very large egg. At last it broke, and out came a big, ugly duckling. 

“What a big duckling!“

 said the old duck. 

“He doesn‘t look like us. Could it be a goose? We will see. If he doesn‘t like the water, he is not a duck.“


   The next day the mother duck took her ducklings to the pond. 

    Splash! Splash! The mother duck was in the water and the little ducklings followed. The big, ugly duckling swam, too. 

    The mother duck said, 

“He is not a goose. He is my own little duck. He will not be so ugly when he grows up.“


    Then she said to the ducklings, 

“Come with me. I want you to see the other ducks.“

    While the mother duck wasn‘t paying attention, an old duck bit the ugly duckling. 


“Let him alone,“

 said the mother duck. 

“He didn‘t hurt you.“



“I know that,“

 said the duck, 

“but he is so ugly.“


    The next duck they met, said, 

“Your ducklings are lovely, but one of them is very very ugly.“


    The mother duck said, 

“I know he is not very pretty, but he is a very good duckling.“


    Then she said to the ducklings, 

“Now, my dears, have fun.“


    But the poor, big, ugly duckling didn‘t have fun. The hens bit him and the big ducks walked on him. 

    The poor duckling was very sad. He didn‘t want to be ugly but he could not help it. He ran to hide away. 

    The summer went by. Then the leaves fell, and it was very cold and the poor duckling had a very hard time. But at last it was spring. The birds sang. The ugly duckling was big now, so one day he flew away. Soon he saw three white swans on the lake, and said 

“ I am going to see those birds, but I am afraid they will bite me because I am so ugly.“


    He put his head down to the water and saw a beautiful reflection. He was not an ugly duck. He had become a white swan and the other swans came to see him. Everyone looked at him and said 

“Oh, look at the beautiful swans! The one that came last is the pretties of all.“


    And they gave him bread and cake. 

    It was a very happy time for the ugly duckling.

6. The Little Pine Tree

A little pine tree lived in a wood. He didn‘t have any leaves, he only had needles. 

    One day, the little pine tree said: 

“ I don‘t want these needles, I don‘t like them! All the other trees have leaves and I want leaves too, but mine will be prettier. I want gold leaves!“


    Night came, and the little tree went to sleep. 

    A fairy came by and gave it gold leaves. 

    When the little tree woke, it had gold leaves! 


“Oh, I am so pretty!“

 it said. 

“No other tree has gold leaves!“


    Night came and a man came by with a bag. 

    He saw the gold leaves, took them all and stole them. The poor little tree cried. 

“ I do not want gold leaves again. I will have glass leaves!“


So the little tree went to sleep and the fairy came by again and put glass leaves on it. 

The little tree woke up and saw its beautiful glass leaves. How pretty it looked in the sunshine! No other tree was so bright. 

Then a wind came up and it blew and it blew. 

The glass leaves all fell from the tree and were broken. Again, the little tree had no leaves and it was very sad.

It said: “ I will not have gold leaves, and I will not have glass leaves. I want green leaves. I want to be just like all the other trees.“


The little tree went to sleep. The fairy came by and gave it green leaves. When the little tree woke up, it was like all the other trees. It had green leaves. 

A goat came by. He saw the green leaves on the little tree. The goat was hungry and he ate all the leaves. Then the little tree was very sad and said: 

“ I do not want any leaves. I don‘t want gold leaves, I don‘t want glass leaves and I don‘t want green leaves. I like my needles best.“


And the little tree went to sleep. The fairy came by and gave it back its needles. When the little tree awoke, it had its needles again. The little pine tree was very happy.

7. Dog And His Reflection

A dog was feeling very happy. He had found a large piece of meat and was taking it away somewhere so t

hat he could eat it. He came to a stream and began to cross over a narrow bridge which led from one bank to another. Suddenly he stopped and looked down.

In the surface of the water he saw his own reflection shining up at him. The dog didn‘t understand he was looking himself; he thought he was looking at another dog which also had a piece of meat in his mouth. 

“ Oh! That piece of meat looks bigger than mine!“

 he thought. 

“ I‘ll grab it and then I‘ll run!“.

At that, he dropped his own piece of meat in order to snatch the piece of the other dog. Of course, his piece of meat fell into the water and sank to the bottom, leaving the dog with nothing.


Be content with what you have.

Moral Stories For Children

Here's the Quick Summary on Moral Stories For Children With Pictures :

  1. The Foolish Deer
  2. Fox And Grapes
  3. The Horse and The Donkey
  4. The Elephant Rope
  5. Ugly Duckling
  6. The Little Pine Tree
  7. Dog And His Reflection

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