10 Very Short Stories On Kindness With Moral

kindness stories

Here we have the collection of Very Short Stories On Kindness With Moral. It is difficult to define kindness in a few words. What is kindness? Various people associate kindness with compassion, empathy, relief of suffering, etc.

Short Stories On Kindness With Moral

1. Kindness of The lame Boy

very short stories on kindness with moral

A householder, driving his horse cart slowly near a village, was searching for a reservoir nearby; Because his horses were very tired and thirsty. Then a small hut appeared. A ten-twelfth year old boy was sitting in his courtyard.

Seeing the tired and thirsty horses from afar, the boy immediately went to the hut and brought a doll full of water and stood on the road before the car could come.

Seeing him, the holder parked the car and asked the boy- 'Boy! What do you want?'

The boy said - 'I do not want anything, I have come to give water to your horses.' Saying this, he put the ball of his hand in front of the horses. The horses were satisfied after drinking water.

After that the householder took out silver coins from the pocket and wanted to give it to the boy.

The boy said - 'Sir! I did not bring water for money. I am a poor lame boy, my mother works in the field, she gets food for both of us. It is my mother who has told me that when God has put you in such a situation, then he will have some good purpose in this too; Because whatever God does, he does it for good. You cannot walk much; So by staying here and giving water to the thirsty men and animals, this will also do the work of God.

There is no water spring or village for eight miles from here. That is why by taking out water from this well of yours, it would be right to make good use of it. I found it very right to say this by my mother and accordingly I do this work and consider it to be the work of God and my duty. I don't take money.

Seeing this virtue of the boy, he was very pleased and started singing the glory of God in his heart. After that he left the boy after saying a few words of encouragement and as a favor to him.

When he understood exactly how even a disobedient boy could do charity selflessly, it had a very deep effect on his mind and he also started doing good charity work. What a great glory of charity.

2. Love of Mother Bird

short stories on kindness with moral

There used to be a bird named Surili on the mango tree. she had built a beautiful nest. In which her  children lived together. Those children did not know how to fly yet, that's why Surili used to bring food to all of them and feed them.

One day when it was raining heavily. Then Surili's children started feeling hungry. The children started crying very loudly. It didn't feel good for her children to cry with melody. She was silencing them, but the children were suffering from hunger, so they were not keeping quiet.

The melodious got into thinking, from where will I get food in such heavy rain. But if you do not bring food, how will the children's hunger be satisfied? After thinking for a long time, Surili took a long flight and reached farmer's house.

The farmer had kept the rice, and fruits found in the courtyard. The bird saw it and put a lot of rice in its mouth for the children. And quickly flew away from there.

After reaching the nest, the bird fed rice grains to all the children. The children were full, they all became silent and started playing amongst themselves.


There is no match for mother's love in the world, even after putting her life in calamity, she works in the interest of her children.

3. Kindness of A Farmer

A farmer was passing through his field early in the morning during the winter season. Then he saw a snake that was frozen on the ground because of the cold.

The farmer knew how dangerous snakes were, yet he picked it up from the ground and put it back in his shirt to give it life and to warm it.

The snake soon regained consciousness due to the warmth of the clothes. After regaining consciousness, the snake had enough strength, and the snake bit the man who was so kind to him and saved his life.

The snake bite was very fatal. The snake's venom started pouring into the farmer's veins and gradually the farmer fainted and died.

As the farmer took his last breath, he said to the people standing around, "Learn from my condition never to show mercy to a crook".


There are some people who never change their nature, no matter how well we treat them.

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4. Kindness Of The Cow

farid studies in third grade. He used to take two Bread with him while going to school. On the way, a small cow lived outside the temple. He used to feed both the Bread to that cow.

farid never forgets to feed the cow with bread. Sometimes he was late for school, even then he would not go without being fed bread.

Madam used to scold for being late in school.

The cow was so sweet, she would have been very happy to see the pearl.

farid would also feed him bread with his own hands.

Both had become very good friends.

It is a matter of one day that farid was returning with goods from the market.

Some boys caught him outside the temple.

Started snatching things from pearls. Seeing farid in trouble, the cow ran to save her.

Seeing the cow coming towards them, all the boys became nine-two-eleven.

Farid hugs the cow, thanks for saving.


One should befriend selflessly. In trouble, only a friend comes in handy.

5. The Wind And The Sun

Once a debate broke out between the wind and the sun. The wind said, "I am stronger than you?" Sun replied, "I think there is more power in simplicity." I may sound simple to you but I am stronger than you. Both made a bet. Sun said, let's see, who is the most powerful?

A traveler was walking down a deserted road, he was wearing a blanket. Sun said, "Let's see who can take off his blanket?"

wind laughed and said, “It will be very easy for me,” I will take off his blanket in a jiffy. Sun didn't say anything. The wind said, "It's my turn first." The wind started blowing loudly, dust started flying on the road, all the animals started running around. Wherever the dust and leaves started flying.

The traveler trembled with the wind and wrapped the blanket tightly over his body. The stronger the wind, the more the traveler would wrap the blanket over his body. Eventually after some time wind gave up. The wind said to Sun, "If I haven't taken off its blanket, you won't be able to take it off either. So you also stop trying now. We end this condition here.

Sun said, "Okay, but let me try it once." What's the use of giving up without trying? The wind didn't answer it because it knew the sun wouldn't be able to do it. The sun was hidden behind the clouds, it rose out of the clouds and shone in the open sky.

Suddenly, there was an atmosphere of warmth all around. The passenger started feeling hot. He thought, "How strange is the weather today? Sometimes cold wind, sometimes hot sun.

He started feeling hot and at last he took off his blanket and started leaving with it on his shoulder. The wind gave up. The wind said to Sun, “You have won, I have lost.” The Sun said, “Sometimes a problem can be solved in a simple way without coercion.”


Fury or force does not get you anywhere, but gentleness does the job.

6. Scorpion & Saint

Scorpions are fierce in nature. He always harms others. The saint is calm by nature. He does welfare of others.

It was a rainy day. A scorpion was going fast in the drain. The saint saw the scorpion flowing in the drain.

He took it out with his hand.

Due to his nature, the scorpion stung the saint and fell into the drain.

The saint again took the scorpion out of his hand. The scorpion stung the saint again.

This happened two or three more times.

Nearby was physician's house. He was looking at the saint. Physician came running. He threw the scorpion away with the help of a stick.

Said to the saint – You know that the nature of scorpion is to harm.

Yet you saved him with your own hands. why were you doing this?

The saint said that he cannot change his nature, so how can I change my nature?


One should not change his nature even in difficult circumstances.

7. Finding Happiness

A crow used to live in a forest. He had no trouble and was completely satisfied with his life. One day while flying he reached the bank of a lake. There he saw a bright white swan swimming. Seeing her, he thought - "How fortunate is this swan, which is so white and beautiful. Look at me here, how dark and ugly I am. This swan must be the happiest bird in the world.

He went to swan and told him what was in his mind. Hearing that he laughed, "No friend! not actually. Earlier I also used to think that I am the most beautiful bird in this world. So he was very happy and happy. But one day I saw a parrot, which has a unique shade of two colors. Since then I am sure that he is the most beautiful and happiest bird in the world.

After listening to the swan, the crow went to the parrot and asked him if he was the happiest bird in the world. The parrot replied, "I was leading a very happy life until I saw the peacock. But now I feel that no one can be more beautiful than a peacock. That's why he is the happiest and happiest bird in the world.

After this the crow went out in search of the peacock. While flying, he reached a zoo. There he saw that the peacock was locked in a cage and many people gathered to see him. Everyone was very appreciative of the peacock. After everyone left, the crow went to the peacock and said to him, "How fortunate are you, who every day thousands of people come to see you because of your beauty. People don't let me get blown away even around them and they drive me away on sight. You are the happiest bird in the world, aren't you?"

The peacock became sad after listening to the crow.

He said, "Friend! I too was proud of my beauty. I used to think that I am the most beautiful bird of this world, but of the whole universe. So he was very happy. But this beauty of mine has become my enemy and I am locked in this zoo. After coming here, after thoroughly inspecting the entire zoo, I have come to the conclusion that the crow is the only bird that is not imprisoned here. That's why for the last few days I have started thinking that if I was a crow, then at least I could roam freely and then I would be the happiest and happiest bird in this world.


Seeing others, we always start comparing ourselves to them in vain and become sad. God has made everyone different and has given different qualities. We do not understand its importance and get caught in the cycle of sorrow. So instead of getting jealous by seeing what others have, we should learn to be happy with what we have. Happiness is not found by looking outside, it is hidden within us.

8. The Clever Wolf

short moral stories on kindness

One day, a shepherd went to the pastures for grazing his sheep. He was looking after them, when suddenly he saw a wolf approaching him and his herd of animals. He got scared.

But the wolf didn't do anything. He kept moving around the sheep as if to guard them. The shepherd thought that the wolf had changed with the time. Now he had become a vegetarian.

So, the shepherd gave him the responsibility of guarding his sheep and went to take a nap. When he woke up, he was shocked to see that the wolf had eaten all his sheep and had fled the scene.


One hot June day, we were on our way back after a temple visit, when our car suddenly stopped. We were nowhere in the middle—no shops, homes, or people to watch. The deserted road was shimmering with the glare of the afternoon sun.

As we got out of the car, we found a lone man on a two-wheeler behind us. 'It's a flat tyre,' he said. He would have followed us if he could be helpful, he explained. Asking us to stop, he went to pick up a mechanic who could fix the flat.

We were relieved when he returned with a repairman; Fortunately, he found her six or seven kilometers away. We opened the boot to get the spare wheel and tool kit, but, alas, the latter was missing. We were standing there scolding ourselves.

The heat was unbearable, and it looked like we weren't going home anytime soon. But the man did not give up. He turned around with the mechanic, and went back to pick up the tools from the workshop. After some time he returned with the kit and two bottles of water.

He knew we would be thirsty. The mechanic replaced the damaged tire, but neither he nor the stranger, who unexpectedly appeared to take us out, would not accept any payment. To this day, whenever I walk through this area, I think of that incident. And each time, I am filled with gratitude and warmth that there are people in the world who make it a better place.

10. All that Glitters is Not Gold

One day Mahesh was sitting outside his house on a small hill. Suddenly he saw some shining object at a distance. If he looked carefully, it was a house. He said,

"Oh wow! This is the house of gold." Mahesh ran fast to see that house. He was running very fast so that he could reach the house as quickly as possible.

When he reached there he found that it was an old house. He looked golden because of the rays of the sun falling on him. When he reached the hill again, he saw that his house was glowing in the same way.

Some pieces of glass lying on the roof of his house were shining due to sunlight falling and giving the impression of gold. Then Mahesh laughed and said, "Now I understand that everything that shines is not gold."

Short Stories On Kindness With Moral

  1. Kindness of The lame Boy
  2. Kindness of A Farmer
  3. Love of Mother
  4. Kindness Of The Cow
  5. The Wind And The Sun
  6. Scorpion & Saint
  7. Finding Happiness
  8. The Clever Wolf
  9. The Saviour
  10. All That Glitters is Not Gold

We hope that you must have enjoyed reading our very short stories on kindness with moral. This Kindness Stories is not only good for children to read, but it also becomes a means of entertainment for adults and reminds us of our past. If you liked our stories, then you can also comment on us below.

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