Inspirational Leadership Stories to Inspire You

inspirational leadership stories

Inspirational leadership stories are inspiring and motivating as well. We hope you will deffinatly enjoy our collection of leadership stories.

Inspirational Leadership Stories

There was a vigorous discussion on leadership in the group of friends. Some were talking about the clearness of purpose in the leaders, while some were telling their dynamic personality to be essential for leadership.

Apart from this, many Qualities like crowd of supporters, power of money, good orator, wit were counted, but many people even said that domination is necessary in modern times. Everyone was talking about more than one merit, but sitting on the corner chair, Rajiv was listening to everyone and going on making notes in his diary.

Oh you too say something, Rajiv! It was Monty's voice.

'Leadership is an extra quality', Rajiv's tone was clear and clear.


Meaning, there are leaders in every area of ​​the world, at home, in the office, in school, in politics, in society… even in relationships…

so? Everyone spoke together.

So, the place where the leader is, first starts doing that work in a better way and also inspires others to do that work in a better way, that is leadership. Meaning, leadership is all about inspiring others to do what we know to do!

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And motivating it is our 'extra quality'.

You mean if a man does not know how to do his job properly then he cannot become a leader? Rajesh asked.

Maybe not! Because the one who keeps running away from his work, he cannot inspire his loved ones with truth even after all the gimmicks and only after a few bricks his false palace starts to collapse. To save those bricks, corruption, crime, deceit, selfishness take along and pushes his loved ones away… Rajiv said in unison!

Come on, let's go to the canteen, said Monty with a need to lighten the atmosphere.

Yes! Yes… and the group of friends headed to the canteen, but usually after such meetings, instead of laughter and lightness, there was a seriousness and the boys eager to be leaders began to think about what they could do better Because 'Leadership is an extra quality'.

Leadership Story of Spartan King

Many years ago a great trouble came in front of a warrior (Spartan King). He had to fight with an army which was very powerful. The warrior had very few resources and soldiers while the opposing army had 10 times more soldiers and weapons than them.

The warrior decided to fight and asked his soldiers to get ready for the war. The warrior filled the soldiers with weapons in the ship and started moving towards the enemy country through the sea.

After reaching the destination, after unloading all the weapons and soldiers from the ship, ordered to burn the ship.

The warrior addressed his soldiers and said - "You see that all the ships have been burnt. Now we can't come back to life until we win. We have no choice but to "win". Either we will win or we will die"

The warrior's army fought with great valor and they were victorious over an enemy 10 times stronger than themselves.

There was only one reason for the victory of the warrior - "determination". They left no way of retreat and hence they won.

Burn Your Bridges

Most of the people make a “backup plan” to avoid the risk. The difficulties faced in achieving the goal and in the adverse situation, the “backup plan” becomes your biggest weakness and forces you to deviate from the goal.

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