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friendship stories for kids

In today's article, we have shared the best friendship stories for kids here. Life is very incomplete without friends. There is only one friend in life who stays with us in our bad and good times. There is no definition of friendship but this relationship is such that it is always kept from the heart.

Friendship Stories for Kids

1. Real friends

friendship stories kids

Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest full of lush green trees, plants and wildlife. There were four best friends in the forest – a deer, a crow, a mouse and a tortoise. They used to play and have fun together happily.

One day, a hunter came to the forest and caught a deer lying under a tree. The deer tried to escape from the net but to no avail. Hearing the sound of the deer crying for help, the deer's friends ran. He saw the deer lying motionless and trapped under the net and immediately came up with a plan to help him.

At first, the turtle distracted the hunter. While the hunter was busy looking for the turtle, the crow pretended to peck the deer as if it were dead. It was just an act to make the hunter think that the deer was dead. Meanwhile, the mouse chewed the net. Within minutes the deer was freed and all the friends fled.


Real friends always help each other no matter what the situation.

2. Friendship Unites the Hearts

friendship stories for kids

Once upon a time, Sunil and Sameer were very young when they met each other for the first time. Then both of them started going to school together, then after school they used to go to coaching and play in the evening and do their homework together.

After a few years, their friendship had become so strong that they did not go anywhere without each other. Always helping each other. Their friendship was so strong that now even the people of the market were getting to know them.

After some time both had grown up. Being in a big class, there is also tension of studies, due to which both were not able to meet properly. Sameer was very good in studies, every time he topped the class, at first this thing did not bother Sunil.

But now Sunil was starting to chirp a little bit. He started feeling that now Sameer will take admission in a big college and he will be left behind. After some time the same thing happened. Due to good marks of Sameer, he took admission in a foreign university.

Sameer stayed there and started his further studies. Now there was not much talk between the two. Some new friends of Sameer also started to be made. This is what Sunil did not like. Now it seemed to him as if someone had erected a big wall between them.

Whenever they used to call each other, the conversations did not last that long. The friendship of both of them had come to an end. But it is said that childhood friends are our real friends. Same happened with Sunil and Sameer.

Sunil was left quite alone after Sunil's grandmother passed away. After all, apart from the grandmother, he had someone else who was starting to be very sad. Neither he was eating anything properly nor was he drinking anything properly.

Then one day suddenly Sameer's call comes. Sunil's eyes filled with tears as soon as Sameer's name was mentioned on the phone. She quickly picked up the phone and narrated the whole ordeal to Sameer. Sameer also listened carefully to his words that day, both of them talked for a long time.


Sameer was with Sunil at the time when no one was with Sunil. Distance keeps coming in friendship, yet friendship unites the hearts. What is the friend who is not angry but true friendship convinces friends.

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3. Two Friends and Sword

Once upon a time there lived two friends Sonu and Monu in a village. One day both of them had to go to another village for some work.

On the way, Sonu saw a beautiful sword hanging from a tree. He ran fast and grabbed her and shouted with joy, "Look what a beautiful sword I've got.

On this his friend Monu interrupted him and said, "We are walking together, so you can say that we have got a beautiful sword.

Sonu replied, "Oh no, I saw this sword and I got it, therefore, it is only my sword."

Saying this he kept the sword with him. Monu did not say anything and both of them started moving forward.

When they were about to reach another village, a bunch of people appeared in front of them.

And suddenly one of them caught Sonu saying, "He is the murderer, he has the sword used for murder in our village."

Hearing this Sonu got scared and said to Monu, "My friend, we are in trouble."

To this Monu replied, "No, not us. Only you are in trouble."

Then people started taking Sonu with them to put him in jail. Monu felt bad for his friend and cleared the misunderstanding caused by that sword and got Sonu out of that trouble.

Later Sonu apologized to Monu for his selfish behavior and thanked him for helping him in difficult times.


We should not only share our sorrows but also our happiness with our friends.

4. The lion & The Mouse

Once upon a time. The lion, the king of the jungle, was sleeping in a deep sleep under a tree. Just then a mouse came there and mistaking the lion as sleeping in a deep sleep, came to him and started jumping.

During this, the rat would sometimes jump on the lion's back and sometimes pull its tail. Due to this constant jumping of the mouse, suddenly the lion woke up and caught the mouse with his paws.

The lion angrily said - "Stupid mouse! How dare you wake me up? Now let me punish you for this. I'll just chew you raw."

Hearing this, the rat starts trembling with fear and he says to the scared lion - "No no, don't do this sir!! Don't eat me, I'm wrong. And anyway, I am so small that even your hunger will not be satisfied. Have mercy on me sir, maybe someday I can be of some help to you."

The lion thought to himself that what would such a small mouse be able to help me, but still seeing the mouse pleading, the lion felt pity on him and left the mouse.

After a few days, the lion gets caught in the trap of a hunter and tries hard to get out of that trap, but the more he tries, the more he gets caught in the net.

In this way, now the lion starts roaring loudly after getting tired. The roar of the lion was heard far and wide in the forest. When the mouse now heard this roar of the lion, he thought that the king of the jungle must be in trouble.

So now when he went to the lion, he saw that the lion was really in trouble. He told the lion that sir, don't worry at all. I am going to cut this net with my teeth and set you free.

Within a short time, the mouse freed the lion by biting the net with its sharp teeth. The lion was very happy with this act of the mouse and said to the mouse - "Friend, I will never forget this favor of yours, you have done me a great favor by saving my life today."

The mouse said that no, king, you had done it on me that day by sparing my life. If you didn't show mercy to me that day, I might not be able to help you today.

After listening to the mouse, the lion smiled once again and said - "From today you are my true friend."

Moral of the Story

Never consider anyone smaller or weaker than you.

5. True friendship

There was a pond in a forest. There lived a big turtle in the pond. There was a tree by the side of the pond on which a crow lived. A deer also lived in the nearby bushes.

The three became friends. In the morning and evening, all three would meet, inquire about each other's well being and spend their time laughing and joking. One day a fisherman caught the turtle by putting a net in the pond.

The fisherman tied the turtle with a rope, hung it on a stick and left. Seeing their friend in trouble, the crow and the deer got worried. He knew that the fisherman would kill and eat his friend. They started thinking of some way to save the turtle.

After much deliberation, he came up with a solution. After that the deer went to that road and lay down. From where the fisherman was going to pass with the turtle. The crow also sat there on a nearby tree.

The deer was lying completely withered. When a fisherman saw a fat deer lying dead on the way, he got greedy. He thought 'there is a tortoise, why should not I take this deer as well. Selling its skin will make a lot of money.

The fisherman had only one rope with which he had tied the turtle. He opened the turtle and left it aside. As soon as it was released, the tortoise quietly entered the fields and started towards the pond.

The fisherman took the stick and walked towards him to tie the deer with the rope of the tortoise. As soon as he reached near the deer, the crow sitting on the branch of the tree said, Kaan, Kaan. Hearing the voice of his friend crow, the deer jumped up and ran away.

The poor fisherman kept watching. In this way he got neither the tortoise nor the deer. At dusk, the three friends met on the bank of the pond. When the tortoise wanted to thank the crow and the deer for saving his life, they said, 'There is no need for thanks, friend! Only those who work in happiness and sorrow are true friends.

6. Two Friends And A Bear

friendship stories kids

Sohan and Mohan were two friends living in a village. Once both of them went on a foreign trip in search of a job. They went on all day long. It was evening and then night came. But, their journey did not end. Both were passing through a forest. There is often a fear of wild animals in the forest. Sohan was afraid that he might encounter some wild animal.

He said to Mohan, "Friend! There must be wild animals in this forest. If an animal attacks us, what will we do?"

Sohan said, "Friend, do not be afraid. I am with you. No matter what danger comes, I will not leave your side. Together we will face every difficulty."

While talking like this, they were moving forward when suddenly a bear appeared in front of them. Both friends were scared. The bear started moving towards them. Sohan immediately climbed a tree in shock. She thought that Mohan would also climb the tree. But Mohan did not know how to climb the tree. He stood helplessly downstairs.

The bear started coming near him. Mohan started sweating out of fear. But despite being afraid, he somehow started thinking of a way to avoid the bear. While thinking, a solution came to his mind. He fell to the ground and held his breath and lay like a dead man.

The bear came closer. Moving around Mohan, he started smelling him. Sohan, who climbed the tree, was watching all this. He saw the bear whispering something in Mohan's ear. After whispering in the ear, the bear went away.

Sohan got down from the tree as soon as the bear left. Mohan also stood up till then. Sohan asked Mohan, "Friend! While you were lying on the ground, I saw the bear whispering something in your ear. Was he saying anything?"

"Yes, the bear told me never to trust such a friend, then leave you alone in trouble and run away."


The friend who runs away in trouble is not worthy of trust.

7. Two Military Friends

The dream of two childhood friends was to grow up and serve the country by joining the army. Both fulfilled their dream and joined the army.

Very soon he also got an opportunity to serve the country. War broke out and they were sent to battle. Going there, both bravely faced the enemies.

A friend was badly injured during the battle. When another friend came to know about this, he ran to save his injured friend. Then his captain stopped him and said, "There is no point in going there now. By the time you get there, your friend will be dead."

But he did not agree and went to pick up his injured friend. When he came back, he had a friend on his shoulder. But he was dead. Seeing this, the captain said, "I told you that there is no point in going there. You could not bring your friend safely. Your departure was in vain."

The soldier replied, "No sir, I was not in vain to go there to pick him up. When I reached him, looking into my eyes with a smile, he said – friend, I was sure, you will definitely come. These were his last words. I could not save him. But the faith he had in me and my friendship saved him."


True friends do not leave their friend's side till the last moment.

8. Friendship and Money

friendship stories for kids with moral

There used to be two friends named Ram and shyam in a village. Ram belonged to a wealthy family and shyam was from a poor family. Despite the difference in status, both were firm friends. Going to school together, playing, eating and drinking, talking. Most of their time was spent with each other.

Time passed and both grew up. Ram took over his family business and shyam found a small job. After the burden of responsibilities came on the head, it was not possible for both of them to spend time with each other as before. When I got a chance, I would have definitely met them.

One day Ram came to know that shyam is ill. He came to her house to see her. After inquiring about his condition, Ram did not stay there for long. He took out some money from his pocket and went back, handing it to shyam

shyam felt very sad at this behavior of Ram. But he didn't say anything. After recovering, he worked hard and arranged the money and returned Ram's money.

Only a few days had passed that Ram had fallen ill. When shyam came to know about Ram, he left his work and ran to Ram and stayed with him till he got well.

This behavior of Shyam made Ram realize his mistake. He was filled with guilt. One day he went to Shyam's house and apologized to him for his actions and said, "Friend! When you were ill, I had come to give you money. But when I fell ill, you stayed with me. Took care of me in every way. I am very ashamed of my actions. Forgive me."

Shyam hugged Ram and said, "No problem friend. I am glad that you have realized that money is not important in friendship, but love and care for each other matters.


Do not embarrass friendship by weighing it with money. The basis of friendship is love, trust and care for each other.

9. Sanjana and Riya

Both Sanjana and Riya were close friends. Everyone was convinced of their true friendship. In childhood, both studied together in the village. Sanjana's father was a businessman. He was very rich and riya's father was a poor farmer.

Riya's parents worked hard to educate Riya. Sanjana was not proud of her wealth at all. Due to which a deep friendship remained between them. Despite being poor, Riya always used to help Sanjana. It is a matter of one day that Sanjana and Riya were going for exam which was far away from the village so both Sanjana and Riya used to go to school by bicycle.

But due to the exam, Sanjana left a little early. His cycle broke down on the way. Sanjana tried a lot but the cycle did not go well. It was getting late for him to reach school. Later when Riya was coming by cycle she saw that Sanjana was stopped she immediately stopped and started to help him.

He fixed Sanjana's cycle. Now both have gone to give exam. As time passed, both grew up and Sanjana started doing business with her father in the city but Riya could not pursue further studies due to lack of money.

Due to which the meeting of both of them became very less. Once upon a time, Riya's father became very ill. The doctor said that it is necessary to go to the city and get them treated. But Riya had no money. She was worried that from where would she get so much money.

Now he thought that he would have to go to the city, so he had taken some money from relatives. Now Riya brought father to the city and got him admitted in a good hospital. The doctor said that about lakhs of rupees will be spent in their treatment.

On hearing this Riya got upset that from where would she get lakhs of rupees. Later, Sanjana learns that Riya's father is being treated in the city.

She went to the city to meet Riya and gave money to the doctor and Riya's father's treatment started and he got well in few days. Soon he came back. Later the two friends reunited.


We should always help our friends and never leave their side in adversity.

10. Sand And Stone

friendship stories for kids

Once upon a time, two very best friends were walking through a deep desert.

While walking, at some distance, both of them started quarreling about something as if it happens between every friends. When two people do not agree on the same thing.

So one friend in anger slapped another friend's cheek.

Even after getting slapped, the friend did not say anything to him, just he wrote on the sand: "Today my best friend slapped me."

For a while, both of them kept moving forward without talking to each other, but the friend who slapped started talking and said that nothing happens in friendship.

Hearing this, the slapping friend apologized to him.

When everything became normal, both of them reached near a pond while talking.

It was very hot, so both of them thought that they take bath in this pond.

While taking a bath, the feet of the friend who slapped got stuck somewhere in the pond due to which he started drowning.

The friend who slapped her somehow saved her and after a while after getting out of the water, as soon as she returned to normal, she wrote on a stone: "Today my best friend saved my life."

So the friend who slapped you asked that when I slapped you, you wrote in the sand and now when I saved you, you wrote on the stone, I could not understand its meaning

So he replied with great humility, there are many things between friends, there are also quarrels, but if your friendship is true then old and useless things should be forgotten and good things should be remembered.

That's why when you slapped me, I wrote it on the sand so that those things would be erased with the wind and when you saved me, it should never disappear, so I wrote it in stone.


If someone makes a mistake in friendship, then try to explain it to him, if you yourself are wrong then you should apologize.

Friendship Stories for Kids

  1. Real Friends
  2. Friendship Unites the Hearts
  3. The lion & The Mouse
  4. Two Friends and Sword
  5. True friendship
  6. Two Friends And A Bear
  7. Two Military Friends
  8. Friendship and Money
  9. Sanjana and Riya
  10. Sand And Stone

We hope that you must have enjoyed reading our Friendship Stories for Kids. This friendship Stories is not only good for children to read, but it also becomes a means of entertainment for adults and reminds us of our past. If you liked our stories, then you can also comment on us below.

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