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bible stories for sleep

Here we have presented the compilation of bible stories for sleep. In each story, you'll read a familiar Bible chapters at a prayerful, steady pace. No embellishments or distractions, just the Bible.

Bible Stories for Sleep

1. Bird of Courage

A fire broke out in a dense forest. All the animals were running to save their lives out of fear…

There was also a small bird, who was sad to see her nest burning and seeing everyone running to save her life…the bird decided in her mind that she would extinguish this forest fire.

To save the forest from the fire, that small bird repeatedly went to the river and started pouring water in its small beak and bringing it to that fire.

An owl also passed by him… he was running for his life.

When he saw the bird doing this… he asked the bird… hey bird what are you doing….??

The bird said, I am extinguishing the fire of this forest.

Owl laughed loudly and said, you will put out this fire with your little beak… have you gone mad???

The bird said… yes I know fire is terrible, but if I give up before I try, it would be foolish, wouldn't it.

The owl was now ashamed of what he said… and he also started helping to put out the fire along with the bird.

2. Power of Calm Mind

A young man from a village named Barela was about to get married after a month, due to which he was very happy. Just got engaged in which his future wife had given him a beautiful watch as a gift.

The young boy worked as a carpenter. With great joy, he tells people again and again, see what a beautiful watch it is. Sometimes he would take it off and keep it with himself and he would be very happy thinking about it in his mind. There were many people working in the factory.

At lunch time everyone congratulated him and looked at the clock and praised him. But before the end of this work, he found that he did not have that beautiful watch, it was lost somewhere.

He asked everyone but everyone refused. There was wood and wood waste all around, friends also searched a lot with him but that watch was nowhere to be found. The boy became very sad, bad thoughts started coming in his mind…

Started thinking what would his future wife think, what a careless boy he is. Who could not take care of the one clock given to me, what will he take care of me? If she doesn't break the relationship, will she marry me?

Tears started dripping from his eyes thinking about it. By then everyone had left,,,, his mind was not going to leave that place. Now the factory was about to shut down, all the machines were closed, everyone had gone to their homes, there was silence in the factory.

The young boy was sitting quietly with his face hanging.

That's when he heard a very slow voice, 'Tick...tick...tick...tick' as soon as this boy came to life and he soon started looking at the place from where the sound of the clock was coming and he found his watch. What he had lost. Sometimes we ask God many of our questions.

The answers to questions are all around us that God tells us, but because of the noise around the world, we cannot hear the voice of God or the voice of the Spirit… Calm down… Try listening to that low voice.

Shut up, and know that I am God. I am the greatest among the nations,   I am God your God___(Psalm 46:10)

3. Pot of Greed

There was a monkey in a village named Ramnagar. Which created an outcry in the whole village. Sometimes he would pick up bread from someone's house and sometimes he would break people's pots. Sometimes entering the fruit orchards, he used to break the unripe fruits and cause damage.

Almost everyone in the village was fed up with him. Many times a plan was made to kill him, but the monkey was so clever that he escaped every time. Half the people of the village used to say kill him. But the panchayat of the village decided that whatever it may be…we will not kill the monkey but will catch it alive and leave it in the forest across the river.

But the question was right there that how will you catch the monkey. Then an elderly person of the village thought of a solution so that the monkey should also be caught and the monkey should not be harmed. And he made a big and heavy stone pot whose mouth was very small and filled that pot with more than half of the peanuts.

The monkey was pulled by the sweet smell of peanuts and quickly put his hand in the pot. With his big paw, he grabbed a lot of peanuts in his fist. But as soon as the monkey wanted to take out his fist.

So because of the small mouth of the pot, he could not take it out of it. The monkey started pushing hard, his hand was hurting, he was screaming but his hand was not coming out of that pot. The pot was so heavy that he could not even run away with it.

At such a time, he had two choices, either he should give up the greed of peanuts and open the pot, take out his hand and run away freely. Or, in the hope of getting peanuts, keep trying to take out the fist without opening it… what do you think he must have done? ,

You thought right, his greed got him betrayed and he had to lose his life.

The behavior of all the greedy is like this, their life is destroyed due to greed. 
(Proverbs 1:19)

4. Farm of gems

There was a farmer who He did not have his own land, so he used to cultivate people's land in Adhia. At times he used to feed himself and his family by working as laborers in the agriculture of others. The zamindar of the village with whom this farmer used to work was very rich, he had a lot of land which he had collected by looting from the people.

One day this farmer, while telling his mind to the landlord, said that I also want to buy a small land, on which I want to see my family happy by planting the desired crop and working hard. The landlord laughed loudly on this matter.

…and said with a fake smile, I have a land, will you be able to pay for it. The poor farmer said how much will the government cost. The zamindar said that you have full two lakhs. The poor farmer said from where will the government get so much money. The landlord said look! This price is only for you and if someone was there, I would have taken five lakhs from him.

The poor farmer asked for some time and ran away and came home and started telling his wife that if we have two lakh rupees, then we too can become the owner of a land, our dreams can also be fulfilled. His wife, who loved her husband and had full faith in him, soon took out all her ornaments and a little deposit and kept it in her husband's hands.

Look, if anything happens to this, then he sold many items of his house, even after selling his child's small cycle and toys, he reached the landlord after paying two lakhs. And said with great enthusiasm, the owner, take this money, can I see the land which will now be mine… The zamindar prepared the papers and gave it to him and said yes, see that the land on the banks of the river is yours.

The poor farmer came running to see his land, seeing the land, he sat down with his hand on his head. As if he felt some shock and started crying loudly because that land was rocky, all around was that land full of pebbles and stones…it could not be cultivated…

The farmer was crying thinking that now what face will I show my wife and child? Then some of his old friends came out from there and they saw him crying and asked why he was crying. He narrated the whole situation, then a person raised some pebbles in his hand and they started talking among themselves…

They told him that the land which the landlord has unknowingly sold you is full of precious stones, we know this because we are jewellers. He thought those people were lying but when they convinced him and within a few days this poor farmer learned to carve and recognize those stones and became the richest person in that city.

God's Word is like that, once we recognize it and learn to follow it, we too can be spiritually rich.

The words of God are more beautiful than gold and much more than Kundan.______  (Psalm 19:10)

5. Direct Route

An elderly mother who used to make a living by selling toys. She would take a crate of toys every day and also take a small bird's feather and go on selling toys.

Wherever two roads came or the intersection came, to know which way to go today, which village to go, she would take out a small wing and toss it up in the air, on the side where the wing fell, she would go to sell her goods. .

 In the same way, she used to decide her way by considering the fall of the feather as the will of the one above. But one day she was throwing the feather up for a very long time and was looking very upset. She repeatedly raised her wings, murmured in her mind, and then tossed the wings in the air but did not move forward.

A man was watching all this from afar. The one who knew about this elderly mother came to that old lady and said, Mother, what are you doing… The answer of that old lady was very interesting, she said, "Son, I want to go to the left, but it is the wing that is telling me again and again on the right side…..

“Many times we also decide in our mind that we want this thing and then go to God in fasting and prayer and say again and again that Lord we want, then your wish will be fulfilled on this thing… your wish will be fulfilled…

Do not rely on your own understanding, but trust in Jehovah God with all your heart, remembering Him and doing all things, then He will lead the way for you _______(Proverbs 3:5)

6. Shroff's Prayer

A fat Shroff had gone to another city for business. While returning, he started going to his village on foot through the forest in order to save money.

But the forest was very dense, so he lost his way. Hunger was also felt, but far away neither any man nor anything to eat was visible. Then he saw a coconut tree in the distance in which coconuts were planted.

Rats were jumping in Shroff's stomach… he decided to climb the tree and slowly started climbing the tree. After some time he was just a short distance away from the coconut, then he once looked down…

So he started feeling dizzy… he started sweating because of the fear of heights.

Out of fear, he started praying to God and thought that if I fall from such a height, then my stomach will burst. He started praying for a vow to God… Lord you save me, I will donate one lakh rupees to the church and will also give food to everyone… and closing his eyes slowly started coming down….

After getting down a little, he said… one lakh is more…. Lord, I will definitely give fifty thousand.. and get breakfast…

After coming down two feet and said, I will definitely give 10 thousand, when he remains four feet above the earth, he said, Lord, I will definitely give 500 rupees and make everyone drink tea…

He was saying so much that his hand slipped and fell down with a bang.

He got up moaning and said, Lord, if the deal is not acceptable, then why are you pushing….

7. Never Give Up

There was a big rock near a farmer's field. He wanted to remove that rock and cultivate it too… but due to lack of money, he could not get laborers to break that rock.

That's why he used to hit the rock every day with a hammer to break the rock before working in agriculture. But the rock was so hard that it was not taking the name of breaking.

For a long time, he kept hammering hard on the rock like this. Ones he thought that this rock is not breaking at all… so leave it like this… and he started losing courage… sat down sadly… he thought that now I will not put any more strength on it…

At the same time, the son of that farmer came and in the game he picked up that hammer and hit it on the rock and the rock broke with a single blow.

Seeing this the farmer was very happy….and hugged the son…

Yes friends, there was no magic in the hands of the farmer's son.

Our problems are also like this…we kept trying without losing courage…

Failure only proves that success was not tried with all your heart… get up, try again…

7 Bible Stories for Sleep

  1. Bird of Courage
  2. Power of Calm Mind
  3. Pot of Greed
  4. Farm of gems
  5. Direct Route
  6. Shroff's Prayer
  7. Never Give Up

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